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TOO OLD to Travel | Minimalist Living & World Travel

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In today's video, we answer the top question we got when we shared our story of minimalist living by creating a life without stuff. Everyone wanted to know what we planned to do after we could no longer travel the world, since we had no home to return to.

Some people have told us it is Swedish Death Cleaning. We sold or gave away nearly everything we own to go on a full-time world travel adventure. We tell you how we did and why we did it, along with answering questions about having any regrets about the decision. We didn't imagine that living this minimalist lifestyle during a life of full time travel would leave us with no regrets, but that has been the case. We sold everything and haven't looked back and hope this inspires you to live with less and perhaps travel more! Minimalism has truly changed our life in so many ways. Find out why less is more for us.


▶️ We started our channel to inspire and share our world travel lifestyle, adventures, and optimistic outlook on life with others. After completing a two-year journey in our Airstream to see all 50 states and 51 National Parks, we left to travel abroad. We have downsized our possessions and sold our home so that we can wander about with only the things in our backpacks.

We love living on the road, traveling each week to a new location. We plan to travel extensively to every part of the world. Ours is not a slow travel lifestyle but rather a vagabondish one. The goal is not to check a country off a list, but to experience it by meeting new people, seeing how others live, and making new friends. We believe in laughing, loving, and living our lives to the fullest.

We are working hard to build a beautiful website where you can get travel information about the places we have been. In addition, we post blog articles to help you travel better. Our channel is a way of augmenting that effort, so sometimes we post videos about how to travel or a vlog showing our lives on the road as we do an activity or an adventure. We also post Shorts, so check those out, too. We hope to entertain you, but most importantly, we want to inspire you and give you the confidence to plan your own adventure around the world.

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