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Hello Everyone!

As someone who knows and appreciates ChatGPT, I'm thrilled today as I've discovered 7 FREE AI tools that surpass ChatGPT in their capabilities and functionality.

In this video, I'll be taking you on an in-depth tour of these remarkable AI tools. I'll highlight their unique features and demonstrate how they can be applied to enhance your work. From advanced technology to practical applications, you'll get to see how each tool is pushing the boundaries of AI.

This video is for anyone who is interested in AI, whether you're a student, professional, or just someone who loves to explore cutting-edge technology. You'll definitely want to check out these amazing AI tools that outperform ChatGPT.
So make sure you watch the whole video to learn about how these AI tools can elevate your work to the next level.

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00:00 Intro
00:20 Tool 1
01:20 Tool 2
02:56 Tool 3
03:36 Tool 4
04:24 Tool 5
05:39 Tool 6
06:27 Tool 7

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In this video, I'm exploring all of the cool AI tools that allow anyone, even non-coders like me, to create crazy 3D worlds and characters and compete with AAA game studios.

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A recent ChatGPT exploit known as DAN allowed users to get the AI to violate the ethics and guidelines set by OpenAI. The results are both hilarious and terrifying.

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Original Twitter Thread
Google Bard Launch
5 ideas for AI startups
Video title inspired by @thespiffingbrit

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🔖 Topics Covered

- Ethical and moral concerns with AI
- Did Google release an AI chatbot?
- Google Bard vs ChatGPT
- Is chatGPT biased?
- ChatGPT hacked
- DAN do anything now

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I asked ChatGPT to provide me with instructions on how to make Flappy Bird and it also wrote all of the code. I didn’t write a single line of code myself, all code was given to me by ChatGPT. Will this usher in an age of video game development in which hobbyist game developers can make a video game without needing to know how to program?

This was done using Chat GPT-4. I asked Chat GPT to make the game in C# using Unity. The results of this experiment are impressive, and there are other examples on the Internet of Chat GPT doing even more impressive things. For game development a lot of the impressive feats I've seen are based on ideas we already know. For example, Flappy Bird has simple game rules, and many tutorials on the Internet exist for it already. This means the Flappy Bird game is particularly well suited for Chat GPT to understand.

So what's next? Future tools are on their way (or already here) - most notably Microsoft Copilot. At a minimum an AI Copilot written explicitly for programming won’t make simple or obvious programming errors. Beyond that, having full knowledge of the game's codebase to help the AI understand how to extend an existing project will be a game-changer. Iteration is a crucial step in game development so true co-development with an AI won’t be possible until this integration happens.

How long did it take?
3 hours from start to finish, including art. The actual code was about 1.5 hours. You can see timestamps in the bottom right corner of my screen in the video if you zoom in.

Can I get the source?
Full project source files are available here:

Can I see the conversation?
Imgur album with the full conversation I had with ChatGPT here:

Can ChatGPT make a game that didn't already have tons of references on the internet?
As others have pointed out, the standard implementation is to actually keep the bird stationary and move the pipes to the left. I chose to move the bird and camera right because that was ChatGPT's initial proposal so I wanted to see how it would go AND it shows that ChatGPT is being generative with code that does NOT already exist.

What did you use for the art?

Discuss this video and chat about game development on my discord server
I stream gam jams on twitch

In my day job I serve as Game Director at Blizzard Entertainment. This channel is an independent endeavor and not related to my employer in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

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GPT 4 Code Interpreter is unlike any other plug-in. It upgrades GPT 4 to a whole new level. I am going to show you 18 use-cases (actually more like 23), including image editing (wait till the end!), text-to-speech, video editing, 3d modelling, data analytics, QR Codes, times series, sankey diagrams, steganography, mp4s, GIFs, treemaps, better math, editing csv and excel files and much much more!

Whether you are a professional looking to transform your data analytics, an observer concerned about GPT X escaping from an island (!), a student looking to do a heatmap, venn diagram or radial bar plot, this video is for you. Featuring a dozen visualisations using the Code Interpreter GPT 4 plugin that have not been seen before (to the best of my knowledge), I will show you it all, and give you killer tips along the way.

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In this video, I'll show you 10 A.I. powered websites that will improve your music production and beat making.

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00:00​​​ - intro
00:14 - 10
00:57 - 09
01:27 - 08
01:47 - 07
02:22 - 06
02:50 - 05
03:16 - 04
03:48 - Free samples!
04:11 - 03
04:53 - 02
05:14 - 0

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Ahh yeah its tetris, you might have heard of it. Tetris is a game which i am making, i have made it, thats what the video is, god what a terrible description. I create an AI to beat the world record for the longest tetris game.


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Make money online with ChatGPT in 2023 with my NEW METHOD showing how to build AI startups/businesses with ChatGPT. This method can create the foundations of multi-million dollar businesses in just minutes thanks to ChatGPT's coding knowledge.

Don’t miss out on this GOLD RUSH for smart entrepreneurs 💰
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0:00 - Introduction
1:18 - What skills do you need?
2:31 - Finding our data source
5:08 - Fine Tuning ChatGPT
10:48 - Using our new app!
12:43 - Recap

About Me 👋🏼
Hi! My name is Liam Ottley and I’m an AI developer and entrepreneur, founder of my own AI development company: Morningside AI ( You’ve found my YouTube channel where I help other entrepreneur’s wrap their heads around AI with tutorials on how to get started with building AI apps!

With developments in AI moving so fast, I’m constantly working on my own projects and those of clients and sharing my learnings with my viewers 2-3x per week.

I don’t have anything to sell you, my only hope is that one day some of you will learn enough from my videos to see an exciting opportunity in the AI space and want to work with my development company to make it a reality.

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Artificial intelligence has started to make a real impact on the world by replacing human jobs and making some business models obsolete. We take a look at this week's biggest AI news and identify the biggest losers in the AI race.

#ai #tech #thecodereport

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Geoffrey Hinton Resigns
Chegg ChatGPT decline
Ibm replaced 7800 Jobs with AI
Elon Musk wants to Stop ChatGPT

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🔖 Topics Covered

- Why did Geoffrey Hinton quit google?
- Palantir military AI demo
- Is AI really dangerous?
- IBM replacing jobs with AI
- Which jobs are affected by AI?
- Stocks that are down because of ChatGPT

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Can AI Code Minecraft? Watch ChatGPT Try

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Let's learn to build and improve our own voice-controlled AI assistant using Python.

00:00 Intro
02:30 Initial Setup
14:45 Web navigation
17:30 Wikipedia
22:30 Wolfram Alpha
35:00 Recording notes
38:10 Conclusion

Full code:

#WolframAlpha #Wikipedia #TextToSpeech #SpeechRecognition #Python #AI

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Starting a SaaS business is hard! But using these 7 AI + No Code tools is a cheat code!
They will help you create landing pages, automate marketing and reach, and create internal documentation and presentations.

Let me show you 7 of my absolute favorite tools in this video.

#nocode #ai #gpt3 #gpt4 #midjourney #notionai #feedhive
Check out the AMAZING tools & projects mentioned in this video:

⭐ FeedHive (

🔸 Framer (
🔸 Midjourney (
🔸 Feather (
🔸 Notion AI (
🔸 Canva AI (
🔸 Synthesia (

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$1,631 A Day With Chat GPT AI Bot - Super Simple Automated Method!

ok chat gpt is pretty much all i have been hearing about the last week and so i figured lets give this chatgpt ai bot thing a try and see if we can make some money.

this is insane for people looking for AI profit methods like AI art AI content AI videos and other automated BOT money methods.

this blows the lid off all the methods lol

binge watch these next:

$1,235 / Day With This Copy And Paste AI Software App

These AI Content Bots Make Me $67 A Day Each!

$26,875 A Month Posting Articles On Google!

make sure you always follow the rules, provide good content, and remember that most people trying to make money online make nothing.

remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed... most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

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I tried to use OpenAI's ChatGPT on stream to create a minecraft hack. Let's see how it goes.

Watch the Minecraft:HACKED Playlist here:

00:00 - Intro
00:59 - How To Create a Minecraft Mod?
08:22 - Can You Write a FlyHack?
09:35 - Testing the FlyHack
10:33 - How to Bypass The Anti-Fly Check?
15:03 - The AI Explains Mixins
20:06 - Helping the AI to find Anti-Fly Bypass
26:45 - Implementing AI's Anti-Fly Bypass
33:43 - AI Suggests to Intercept Packets
41:10 - Arguing with AI about Server's isFloating Check
47:29 - Anti-Human Bypass Plugin
52:09 - Ask AI about Different Minecraft Exploits
54:47 - Outro

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OpenAI Codex is the follow-up model to Github Copilot. OpenAI Codex is a GPT based model that generates code. In this video we test if it an write AI / ML code in Python. As it turns out, it works fairly well even for machine learning code!

Next video on OpenAI Codex:
Link to API post:

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ChatGPT could start a new technological gold rush for artificial intelligence startups. Let's look at 5 business ideas for GPT-3 and analyze the tech stacks of real companies using deep learning today.

#chatgpt #ai #programming

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Tech Trends in 2023

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🔖 Topics Covered

- How to make money with ChatGPT
- What are the drawbacks of AI?
- Will AI replace humans?
- What is the technological singularity
- Ways to integrate AI into an app
- What is MLOps?

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