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Broodmother has sent one of her aliens to Earth- unfortunately she's already lost...

0:00 Hello Earth being!
6:26 I must investigate (close whispers)
7:40 Post it notes on your face to remember
13:17 feeding you straw & whispers
17:08 snack time!
19:25 close look at your ears
22:01 close look at your fur (more close whispers)
25:10 I will brush your fur
30:30 trying to put a jacket on... it wont fit?
36:17 my friend you need sleep

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Fall asleep in 60 seconds ASMR

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This #ASMR video is for sleep, tingles and relaxation! This is a 3 hour long video for you to get all the rest you need! Some triggers include mouth sounds, tapping, whispering, no talking, brushing and more!

00:01 Intro
2:46 Pink brushes
6:40 Blue tingle sponge
12:04 Purple brushes
14:50 Gentle mouth sounds
17:24 Crinkly steel matresses
19:25 Windshield
24:10 Dinosaur orbeez
29:10 Tingle box
32:58 Windshield
38:40 Metal lids
45:28 Pink hair on top of mic
49:49 Water potion
51:18 Little birds pillow
54:49 Witch fingers
57:46 Hand movements/hand sounds/trigger words and mouth sounds
1:05:18 Little birds pillow
1:08:21 Japanese ear picks
1:11:17 Steel wool
1:14:00 Ocarina (not sure how to spell it)
1:15:55 Windshield
1:19:14 Beanie on mic
1:20:00 Windshield
1:21:26 Styrofoam
1:22:13 Bose case
1:23:30 Windshield
1:27:42 Bose case
1:32:28 Styrofoam
1:37:30 Beanie on mic
1:42:04 Some kind of epic matchup between windshield and styrofoam
1:45:14 Styrofoam won and is now in a battle against the Bose case
1:45:51 Bose case took the W against the styrofoam and is now in a battle against the mic Beanie
1:49:04 Windshield and mic Beanie (extra matchup)
1:50:14 Windshield wants rematch against styrofoam but there seems to be no winner
1:52:08 Brushing
1:54:24 Tapping on Pringles can
1:55:57 Windshield
2:04:52 Toothbrushes


Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:

This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***

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