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Welcome to Earth Relaxation !
The United States of America (U.S.A. or USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US) or America, is a country primarily located in North America. It consists of 50 states, a federal district, five major unincorporated territories, 326 Indian reservations, and some minor possessions. At 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million square kilometers), it is the world's third- or fourth-largest country by total area. The United States shares significant land borders with Canada to the north and Mexico to the south, as well as limited maritime borders with Cuba, Russia, and the Bahamas. With a population of more than 331 million people, it is the third most populous country in the world. The national capital is Washington, D.C., and the most populous city is New York City.
Music has so many benefits, and one of them is that it calms your nerves down. It's always a good idea to listen to some background music while you're doing something. So here are some relaxing piano pieces with 4k nature videos that will help you relax, feel relaxed, and get ready for bed.
In this video, I'm going to show you my favorite nature video that will help you relax and improve your mood. It's a 4k video with relaxing music and calming nature sounds. There are no talking in this video so you can enjoy the natural sound of the forest, the sound of a river, and some birds chirping.
Watch the 4k ultra high definition video in this video in somewhere at nail salon, public transport or restaurant. Relaxing music is playing in the background. Try out this 4k ultra high definition video let me know what you think in the comments below!.
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Music provided by EMVN
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Track list:
0:0:0 | 1 . Relax
0:4:54 | 2 . Calm
0:9:46 | 3 . Beach
0:14:30 | 4 . Water

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Drone cinematography allows you to share the world from a bird’s perspective, but conquering the skies can be a bit overwhelming. In this video, you will learn what it takes to master your aircraft’s controls, maximize flight time, get the most from your aircraft’s camera - and ultimately, produce stunning aerial footage. #Drone #Cinematography #Tutorial

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
01:06 - Smooth Movements
02:04 - Gimbal Settings
03:08 - Flight Modes & EXP
04:42 - Parallax Effect
05:29 - Foreground & Background
06:49 - Fly Low
08:32 - Compose With Less Sky
09:40 - Don’t Forget Audio
10:22 - Maximize Flight Time
11:38 - Flight Planning
13:18 - Camera Settings
14:46 - White Balance
15:34 - Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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🚁 My FPV Secrets - Check out my FPV Academy:

A year ago I asked myself what kind of pilot do I want to be. Race drone pilot or Freestyle Pilot? Neither of the two was an option and it took me some time to find my place. I ended up in the cinematic mid-long range area and I kind of like it out here.

Huge thanks to the squad @justkay & @eduardombarradas for spending a week in the Gulag :)

Music by: Erick Serna - Beginning Through The End

🔥 GoPro LUTs:

🚁 Signature Drone:

📻 Best Music:
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CNN senior international correspondent Frederik Pleitgen is on the ground in Eastern Ukraine where he speaks to members of the Ukrainian National Guard who explain the latest battlefield strategies in the ongoing conflict against Russia. #CNN #News

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Do you want to get rid of all judder, stutter and jerkiness in your drone footage to create cinematic and immersive drone videos?
Let me tell you the #1 secret how to avoid distracting judder in your drone footage!

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Amazon Germany/Austria
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+++ My wireless mic system:

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A Ukrainian drone crew has reportedly destroyed “tens of millions” worth of Russian armoured vehicles, tanks and anti-aircraft guns stored in a warehouse close to the front line.

First-person footage of the strike appeared to show drones armed with explosives enter the building in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region unchallenged.

Read your updates here:

#drone #ukraine #russia

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You can shoot cinematic drone videos with as little as 7 shots. Follow these tips to make sure you always shot great drone video get every shot you need and end up with a really cinematic drone video to edit. Let’s use the DJI mavic 3 to film the drone footage we need to create cinematic drone videos.

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The following is my best Blue Whale footage from 2020! All of this was filmed off the coast of San Diego, California!

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This is a drone shot like you've never seen before. Nicholi Rogatkin takes the @dutchdronegods to the most epic urban mountain bike race in the world with the challenge to capture an incredible FPV drone shot of Tomas Slavik racing the Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2022. Even with their unique skills, they will have to fly the drone blind in some parts of the track!

#RedBull #FPV #MTB

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before with the best action sports clips on the web, original series and livestreams.

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We received an anonymous email with drone footage attached.

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Aerial footage of Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Footage captured from: July 2018 - November 2020.

Featuring: New York City Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, Times Square, One Vanderbilt, Madison Square Garden, Via 57 West, Bank of America Tower.

⚙️Gear ⚙️

🎵 Music 🎵
Ruck P - “Early Morning”
Ruck P - “Rise Up”
Ruck P - “3UO”
Ruck P - “Belvedere”
Ruck P - “Soul Food”
Ruck P - “Vibin’ Out”

SicknessMP - “Cloud Prophets”
SicknessMP - “Rest in Bluesky”

GurtyBeats - “French Chill Hop”
GurtyBeats - “Black Coffee”
GurtyBeats - “Faithful”
GurtyBeats - “Mid-Day Blues”
GurtyBeats - “Roll Twice”

BlutOne - “Space Juice”
BlutOne - “Sunny Side”
BlutOne - “Zen Garden”
BlutOne - “Winta”

Guggenz - “Chill & Grill”
Guggenz - “Let’s Ride”
Guggenz - “Sky High ”

Ruck P - "Coffee Break"

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🌴 Explore the Paradise of Phi Phi Islands 🌴 | A Drone Odyssey in 4K

🚁 Get ready to embark on the ultimate visual journey as I take you on an awe-inspiring adventure through the pristine Phi Phi Islands, captured in breathtaking 4K Ultra HD by a high-flying drone!

🏝️ Immerse yourself in the beauty of these tropical paradises as we soar above crystal-clear turquoise waters, lush green jungles, and iconic limestone cliffs that define this slice of heaven in Thailand. 🌊🌿

🌟 Join me on this visual odyssey that will leave you breathless, inspired, and yearning for your own Phi Phi adventure. Don't forget to hit that "Subscribe" button and ring the notification bell so you never miss an update from our channel! 🌟🔔

I've included never before clips and footage to enhance the experience.
Filmed with DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Osmo Mobile


Music Acquired From:

Additional Footage Acquired From:

►All rights belong to their respective owners.
✔ This video was given a special license directly from the artists and the right holders."

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In this video, we take a look at various clips of great white sharks and dolphins interacting. While some folks believe seeing a dolphin means there are no sharks around, observations largely prove otherwise.

Your support is greatly appreciated on this channel. Please visit my Patreon page to support more videos like this. Thank you!

Or join my YouTube Crew or Explorer Membership.

For all footage licensing inquiries please reach out directly to me via the contact form on my website.

Please support the California White Shark Project:
The California White Shark Project aims to sustain the longest survey of white sharks in the world that began over 30 years ago.

I'm NOT a marine biologist. As with all YouTube content, I encourage independent verification of facts via official scientific and trustworthy sources. I will strive to post citations for any information I discuss here whenever possible. My goal is to use photography and drones to bring awareness to wildlife and the nature around us. I welcome collaborations with scientists to bring cinematic elements to the educational presentation. If my drone work can assist in the study of these animals, please reach out to me.

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Discover the magic of flying in the sky with this 8 hour drone compilation! This cinematic work is a great way to show your friends and family what FPV (First Person View) is like. Take a break from the busy world and enjoy this relaxing, meditative experience as you take in the beautiful sights from up high. Watch nature from a completely different perspective, Experience what it feels like to fly in the sky for hours!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the most beautiful scenes from nature in this 8 hour long cinematic drone compilation!
Relax from noise and see the world around you from a new perspective. Forget about everything and fly with me through the most beautiful scenery in this cinematic FPV drone video compilation.
In this epic 8 hours compilation, you'll see the most beautiful natural moments captured from drone videos. From the unique perspective of a bird, you'll be able to witness the beauty that is our planet. Watch all these beautiful shots from around the world and let this movie relax your body and mind.

This is absolutely the longest Cinematic Drone Video Compilation I have ever edited, Eight hours long of just beautiful and amazing Mountain Nature and FPV Drone flights, after my three-hour compilation last year I thought I will never edit such a long video again, but yes sometimes plans just have to be changed, the result is the longest FPV Drone compilation I could find, 8 hours long to be exact, every single part is unique and it took me 3 years to get all this footage.

This Cinematic FPV Drone Movie is mainly composed of very relaxed cinematic drone footage in Ultra HD 4k, FPV Drone flights or proximity flying, mountain surfing, or just quiet and relaxed flying in beautiful mountains with friends in formation enjoying the beautiful nature around.
And that's how some of the most beautiful FPV Drone shots ever came together for me. I have all these beautiful shots with a unique cinematic soundtrack underlaid, each music track and each video clip are only one time used in this video, some places repeat themselves but each flight is something different.
So in the end I hope this super long relaxing Video is something that you like and can use to sit back and have a good time.

Here you find the 2020 version
FPV Drone Compilation 2018​ and the 2019 version did get a lot of attention on all of you guys so I hope you like the new 2022 version too :)

Making this Cinematic FPV Drone Compilation was a super long journey, I did render it more than 20 times to get the best outcome in the given parameter. I'm absolutely sure that I will never ever make such a long Video again, but hey now we have an 8 Hour long Cinematic FPV Drone Movie hope you are enjoying it while you build your own drone in the background or using it as stress relief and so on an that's all about what I care so please let me know how you like it and for what you using it!

Have a good time thanks for reading and watching

Just a view of nice points in the Video let me know in the comments when you find other good ones
00:00 Start
08:51 low and fast Mountain River diving
35:00 Perfect sunset drone formation flying
39:45 Snowy Mountains from above slow and easy
44:24 stunning mountain surfing deep drone flying
54:04 after storm sunset absolute beautiful mountain scenery
1:15:25 Beautiful Winter Wonderland snowy Trees
1:23:45 nice trees in this mountain valley
1:31:39 low and deep drone flying mountain surfing perfect view
1:48:24 autumn colors tree on the mountains and try to catch clouds with my drone
2:12:26 Relaxing summer nature surfing
2:19:54 Winter mountain scenery mid-range drone mountain surfing
2:48:15 drone flying with clouds
3:07:24 did you spot the blue mountain lake? drone view from above
3:18:07 Epic Mountain Drone flying
3:51:33 Winter formation mountain drone flying
4:05:29 Rain and sun did you see the raindrops falling?
4:32:54 is one of my best FPV drone shots ever
4:38:45 mountain tree surfing drone flying between trees
5:18:52 I absolute love this shot perfect light place and line
6:36:35 wonderful mountain lake
7:01:47 low and deep formation flying
7:28:55 did you find the Eagle

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The final 4K *extended* footage of my drone flights on all six continents of Planet Earth (Asia, South America, North America, Oceania, Europe and Africa); project finished & uploaded on 2019-06-20 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage. #drone #beauty #earth

▶️ 1 Asia @ 0:00
▶️ 2 South America @ 3:45:23
▶️ 3 North America @ 6:16:38
▶️ 4 Oceania @ 7:50:51
▶️ 5 Europe @ 8:11:14
▶️ 6 Africa @ 9:52:38

~ Extended version of ~

Media data: This drone video (10:17:13h playtime) is an extraction of our multipleGB Worldwide 4K Drone Video Footage & Drone Pictures. Copyright protected Footage on Sale.

Video [Internal ID 405] taken in 2016 + 2017 + 2018 + 2019 and published in 2019
🎥 Licensing? Contact: http://[a][/a]

Music (et al):
Silent Partner - Get Back Up
Krys Talk - Fly Away
Silent Partner - Court and Page
Puddle of Infinity - Little Drunk, Quiet Floats
Unknown Brain - Roots (ft. Attxla)
Halcyon - Runaway (ft. Valentina Franco)
Lennart Schroot & Unknown Brain - Kuyenda (ft. Sru)
Prismo - Hold On
Phantom Sage - When I'm Gone
Au5 & Last Heroes - Lush (ft. Holly Drummond)
Unknown Brain - Inspiration (ft. Aviella)
Unknown Brain - Perseus (ft. Chris Linton)
Au5 & Last Heroes - Lush (ft. Holly Drummond)
Unknown Brain & Anna Yvette - Twisted Reality
Egzod - Wake Up (ft. Chris Linton)
Anikdote & Culture Code - Don't Let It Go (ft. Brado Sanz)
Jo Cohen & Sex Whales - Run Away (ft. Lusil)
Egzod & Anna Yvette - My City
Inukshuk - The Long Road Home
Beatcore & Ashley Apollodor - Just Stay
Jordan Schor & Harley Bird - Home
Unknown Brain & Spce CadeX - Holding You (ft. Max Landry)
Aero Chord & Anuka - Incomplete
Silverman Sound Studios - Voyage Of Discovery
Andrea Giordano - The Phoenix Flight
Chime & Adam Tell - Whole (Rob Gasser Remix)
Killabyte - Wicked Ways (ft. Danyka Nadeau)
Itro - Skyward Bound (ft. Kédo Rebelle)
Jordan Schor - Cosmic (ft. Nathan Brumley)
Vodovoz Music Productions - Heartbeat
Warriyo - Mortals (ft. Laura Brehm)
Vodovoz Music Productions - Avatar Rising
Alexey Pogorelov - Blue Rose
Chill Carrier - Natural Beauty
bvd kult - Made Of Something (ft. Will Heggadon)
CazZ: Chilling Down 5
Mc Natali, BullaMusik, Kai Vacio - Veneno
Kai Vacio

Tags: Test phone, Test internet, Test Monitor, Test CPU, Test PC, Test TV, Test VPN , Test GFX card, Testing old processor, Testing graphic card, Test GPU RTX, See beautiful nature, Test laptop, Test QQS on router, Test tablet, Test internet speed, Test 4K, Test 8K, 10 Hour Video #

⚖ Copyright © Miroslaw Wawak | One Man Wolf Pack 2019 -

❗ Download prohibited | Absolutely NO unlicensed usage | NO reproduction for TV/Media/News/YouTube/Social Media or anything else without prior written permission ⚖ Registered at US Copyright Office ❗

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DOWNLOAD/DVD/LICENSE @ | Watch On-Demand (No Watermarks) @ | About: "FLYING OVER SCOTLAND" sweeps viewers on an incredibly beautiful and calming Nature Relaxation journey to the famous Isle of Skye / Highlands. Filmed by Stefan Zimmerman and featuring all brand-new music by The Cynic Project, the film lasts a full 50 minutes and includes iconic castles, pristine beaches, the Harry Potter bridge and train, stunning rugged landscapes and more.

Filmed by Stefan ZImmerman -
Music by The Cynic Project

Below is a list and map links to the places featured in this film, compliments of Stefan Zimmerman:

Tongue Bay
Ceannabeinne Beach
The Quiraing
The Quiraing
The Quiraing
Fairy Glen
Glenfinnan Viaduct
Eilean Donan Castle
Old Man of Storr
Castle Stalker
Kilchurn Castle
Dunvegan Castle
Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls
Dunnet Head Lighthouse
Duncansby Stacks
The Quiraing
Coral Beach
Dunnet Head Lighthouse

The music is a special blend of songs designed to keep viewers in an elevated state free of stress and worry. The overall goal of this film is to both inspire and also provide deep healing / relaxation.

iOS App:
APPLETV: Search for Nature Relaxation on the Apple TV store

*BEST WAY TO ENJOY NATURE RELAXATION* If you are truly looking to relax while watching this, I strongly recommending leaving YouTube and watching via Nature Relaxation On-Demand, where you will enjoy zero ads, a much cleaner, distraction free viewing experience (no permanent clock when fullscreen, no clickbait videos, etc). Learn more / try free at Subscribe to start your 30 DAY FREE TRIAL unlock ad & watermark-free access plus an amazing suite of apps for all devices. https:/

In case you wonder why I run ads on the videos, it's so that I can continue to develop better ways to bring Nature Relaxation™ into your world, allowing you to relax and connect with nature on demand - and benefit from reduced stress, blood pressure mental fog, and a more positive mood & mental outlook - just from simply watching. Isn't Nature amazing? To date we offer a super-simple and high quality web streaming service plus apps on SEVEN platforms. TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT at or on the app store link below:

Designed for therapeutic relaxation in patient care settings, such as hospitals, high stress workplaces, nursing homes, and for individuals at home that love Nature and are seeking enhanced vitality through their digital devices. Learn more about Nature Relaxation at

To request a free license quote to use these videos in your business or organization, visit:

On top of being able to be streamed via Nature Relaxation On-Demand, this film is available for 4K/HD download (h.264), on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Like this film? Here are a few new amazing playlists with more content like this for you to enjoy:

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This is my annual collection of my favorite great white shark moments filmed with my drone over the course of this year. Included are some scenes I've never shared anywhere before, but made my top moments of the year countdown. All captured from above in 4K along the coast of Southern and Central California.

I'm NOT a marine biologist. As with all YouTube content, I encourage independent verification of facts via official scientific and trustworthy sources. I will strive to post citations for any information I discuss here whenever possible. My goal is to use photography and drones to bring awareness to wildlife and the nature around us. I welcome collaborations with scientists to bring cinematic elements to the educational presentation.

For all footage licensing inquiries please reach out directly to me via the contact form on my website.

All music has been licensed for use.


Shark Allies:

Marine Mammal Care

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

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DJI was kind enough to let me try their new flying machine! This things simply revolutionise the game of FPV flying, honestly they really stepped thing up! I manage to get pretty cool shots directly out of the box, so yes I'm kinda sold on that one. This thing will for sure follow me on upcoming trips!
🤳🏻 30% OFF my Presets - How I edit my photos:
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Best FPV Drone:
GoPro HERO12:
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GoPro Max 360:
Vlog Camera:
Vlog Main Lens:
Vlog Broll Lens:
Camera Gimbal:
DJI Wireless Mics:
Fast SD Card:
CF Express Type B:
This vlog's TEAM​:
Extra Music:
Toutant - Rebirth
JPB & Mendum - Losing Control (feat. Marvin Divine) [NCS Release]


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Antartica SHUT DOWN By The US After Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed To See

"THE U.S DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS!" Deleted Footage Leaked From The US Navy
Locked in away ice, Antarctica guards mysteries that might just rewrite the story of our past and shake up everything we thought we knew. A former Naval officer and a journalist have shared shocking stories on how they discovered an entrance to a secret alien base containing UFOs in Antarctica.

SHOCKING FOOTAGE! Something HORRIFYING Has Been Captured In Antartica!
How did this Naval flight engineer Brian discover this secret alien base? How is the world power trying to hide it from the entire planet?

Join us on this intriguing journey as we explore the terrifying truths of the US terrifying claim that aliens are hiding In Antarctica!

BREAKING! Antartica Shut Down By The US After Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed To See
In January 2015, investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe stumbled upon a mysterious Antarctic tale when she got an email from Brian, a retired US Naval flight engineer with a wild story from his time in Antarctica in the 80s and 90s.

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In this episode, we'll delve into the innovative tactics and technologies that have enabled Ukrainian forces to effectively neutralize Russian military assets using FPV drones.

The FPV drones, also known as first-person-view drones, provide a unique perspective by transmitting live video feed directly to the operator's goggles or screen, allowing for real-time aerial reconnaissance and targeting.

NOTE: Thumbnails are just illustrations

Show more