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In the classic '60s surfer movie, "Bikini Beach Party," Gadget (Charlize Theron) and Darren (Taran Killam) plan a romantic evening but Darren wants to meet next to a dead, beached whale that's full of gas. [Season 39, 2014]


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Check out my new My Talking Angela summer update! 👉

🐚✨ Find the magic shell in my new update and come join me for… THE BEST BEACH PARTY EVER! Let’s get dressed up (I have a special new outfit 😍), grab refreshing fruity drinks and yummy snacks, and dance, dance, DANCE! 💃🤩

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Private Beach Party Lyrics:

You and me love gonna get it together, gonna do what we want after eleven.

You miss me and tease me cause in the end your gonna please me

at the private beach party, our own private beach party.

We are going to the beach this Sunday morning.

Gonna pick you up baby so make sure your ready.

I'm gonna go and touch you show how much I miss you
at the private beach party, our own private beach party.

We're gonna have a party, our own private beach party, just you and me.

We're going to the beach this Sunday morning.

Gonna pick you up baby so make sure your ready.

I'm gonna go and touch you show how much I miss you
at the private beach party, our own private beach party.

Gonna have a party... just you and me.

You miss me and tease me cause in the end your gonna please me at the private beach party, our own private beach party, just you and me.

Going to the beach this sunday morning.

Gonna pick you up baby so make sure your ready.

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Beach Party is from the Piano Adventures Level 2B Lesson Book by Faber & Faber, p. 38

Check out all of the level 2B playlists here!
👉 Piano Adventures Level 2B Lesson Book Playlist -
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🎹This is not a tutorial. It does not replace one on one or group lessons. Please use this video as a practice resource while under the guidance of a piano teacher. 😃

👇Here are links to purchase the level 2B books!
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Start protecting yourself on the web at or use code royaloceanfilm and save 77%!

Before John Hughes, before Dazed and Confused, and before Twilight, there were the Beach Party films – one of the first times Hollywood produced films that were specifically designed for and marketed to teenagers. Let's dive in to what is undeniably one of the oddest subgenres in films history (but maybe one that was also pretty fun?).

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Sources/Further Reading-
The History of the Beach Party Genre -
The History of American International Pictures -
Hollywood Beach Bonanza by Peter Bart -
Samuel Arkoff- The Last Hollywood Mogul -
Notes on Camp by Susan Sontag -

You can follow me through:

Music by:
Jeff Kaale -
French79 - 'Hush Hush' -

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Practice video for school musical
HBP=Hawaiian Beach Party

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2nd Album "Departure” Release
■more info

■ONE N’ ONLY FC TOUR 2023 ~Welcome to SWAG~
・2023年8月20日(日)@Zepp Haneda(TOKYO)
・2023年8月27日(日)@Zepp Namba (OSAKA)
[Concept F] 15:00~
[Concept C] 18:30~

ONE N’ LIVE 2023 ~Departure~
全公演Sold Out!!

■2019/10/16 Release! 3rd Single "Category / My Love"

■2019/5/8 Release! 2nd Single "Dark Knight"
Billboard JAPAN HOT 100 総合ソングチャート第1位!

Music Videoは世界各国注目され、南米・アジア圏・欧州からのアクセスが殺到し、合計再生回数は2000万回を突破!TikTokフォロワー数は、日本人男性音楽アーティストでは1位となる580万人超え! 動画の総再生回数は5.2億回を突破!!
2022年7月にはブラジルで開催された南米最大のアニメフェス『Anime Friends 2022』で初の海外パフォーマンスを行い、2023年4月にはワンマンでのラテンツアーを成功させる。

ONE N' ONLY is a six-member Japanese boy band formed by Stardust Promotion.
Vocalists are TETTA (born 1997 Nov. 24), REI (born 1997 Jan. 2) and EIKU
(born 1999 Dec. 19). Rap&Dancers are HAYATO (born 1999 Sep. 17), KENSHIN
(born 1999 Jul. 8), and NAOYA (born 1998 Apr. 6).
A dance and vocal unit with a unique style that is neither J-Pop nor K-Pop, but "JK-POP".
Now their 6 music videos are getting a big attention from all over the
world such as Asia, South America and Europe.
The total PV on their YouTube account reached 20,000,000!!
TikTok has more than 5,800,000 followers !!
The number of followers on TikTok is over 5.8 million, the highest of any Japanese Mens artist! The total number of views on the video has exceeded 520 million!
The 2nd single "Dark Knight" was released on May 8, 2019, and achieved two top rankings: No. 1 on the Oricon Weekly Ranking and No. 1 on the Billboard JAPANHOT100!
The next song which is their 3rd "Category / My Love" marked 1st place on Oricon Weekly Ranking again.
In July 2022, he will give his first overseas performance at South America's largest anime festival, Anime Friends 2022, in Brazil, and in April 2023, he will successfully complete a one-man Latin tour.

#ワンエン #ONENONLY #ONO #ワンエンTV

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Pool Party I - MBKF - Miami Beach Kizomba Festival 2014 - Day 4

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Today's video, we are back on Wild Beach Party where we got our BIGGEST EVER win on here! I managed to hit insane multipliers which gave us a huge win.. I also did a ton of bonus buys so I hope you guys enjoy!

if you want to see this again or any other slot please let me know down below.. and if you're reading this.. ily.

My twitter: @ tonyeditss
My twitch: @ tonyeditss
Be of legal age to play on any site and play with care.
These videos are made for entertainment!
remember to like & subscribe if you enjoyed :D

Video edited by: @huhMikey

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Originally released under the Mickey's Fun Songs banner in 1995, re-released as Disney Sing Along Songs in 1996 and re-released once more on DVD in 2005 (which is the print this upload is sourced from).

Hey dudes and dudettes, grab your boogie boards, catch a wave and have a blast at this rockin' Beach Party at Walt Disney World. Together with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and the Sing Along Kids, you'll comb Blizzard Beach, explore Typhoon Lagoon, discover Shark Reef and more as you sing, sing, sing! So get set to make a splash with your favorite Disney characters — including Ariel, the Little Mermaid — and have oceans of fun!

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Paradiso beach party dancing kizomba - fri., 28. jun. 2013
Location: Paradiso beach ⛱️, Rovinj, Croatia 🇭🇷

Rovinj salsa festival 2013 - SEA, SUN & SALSA event:
CSSF 2013 - 9th Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, Rovinj 2013

#Kizomba #BeachParty #Rovinj #DanceFestival #salsa #summer #Croatia

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Irie Beach Party by the Hawaiian reggae group @RebelSouljahz

From the album Nothing To Hide:

Follow Rebel Souljahz online:

© 2008 Go Aloha Entertainment

#RebelSouljahz #Reggae

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TW: horror, glitching, loud noises, disturbing imagery, derealization

This is an analog horror inspired animation(?) based around the exile arc of the Dream SMP - PLEASE heed the trigger warnings as this was created with the intent to be disturbing and unsettling!! If that's not your thing then I'd suggest clicking off!
Also as always with all my dsmp content this concerns the roleplay characters, NOT the real people!

That being said, this was specifically inspired by @wooflamb's INCREDIBLE dsmp animations on twitter, go check those out!! vvvv

I made this using Procreate, iMovie, Prequel, and Audacity - all the music/sound effects are free use that I modified except the bit at the very end which is taken from The Walten Files

Follow me on Tumblr @infizero and @infizero-draws

key word time: dream smp animation animatic dsmp mcyt tommyinnit c!tommy exile arc dreamwastaken dream c!dream discduo horror analog horror art minecraft

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Crimea Beach Party. Coming soon.



✅SAINT JAVELIN - We sell things so we can help Ukraine

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➜ President Zelensky Gets Saint Javelin T-Shirt:
➜ Ukraine Fights Back - 365 Days of Resistance:
➜ One Year Anniversary of Saint Javelin:
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In questo periodo stanno avvenendo diverse tappe nelle spiagge italiane del Jova Beach Party. Questo tour desta diverse preoccupazioni per l'impatto sulle spiagge e sugli ambienti dunali. Eppure gli organizzatori e lo stesso Lorenzo Jovanotti mostrano una forte attenzione ecologica con un richiamo all'ecologismo continuo, interventi di sensibilizzazione e raccolte fondi per campagne di raccolta della plastica in collaborazione con il WWF. Ma quindi? Chi ha ragione? Come si può dire se un evento del genere fa bene o fa male all'ambiente?

Qui il video di BioDiversi che vi consiglio di recuperare:

QUI PUOI ACQUISTARE IL MIO LIBRO "Se pianto un albero posso mangiare un bistecca?"

Tipeee: (piattaforma che preferisco)
Oppure con una donazione libera tramite Paypal:



Contatto personale:



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Artist - Rebel Souljahz
Song - Irie Beach Party

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#ibiza #ibiza2022 #clubs #partyisland #eivissa #poolparty

The O Beach Ibiza brand offers a unique, lavish and fun lifestyle experience within a poolside environment enabling our customers to luxuriate in high-end service and aesthetically beautiful surroundings, all complimented with a credible soundtrack and world class entertainment.

Open since 2012, O Beach Ibiza (formerly Ocean Beach Ibiza) was an instant success, filling a gap in the market for San Antonio outdoor party venues by offering the kind of bubbly, poolside fun the west of the island had previously been lacking.

O Beach Ibiza has delivered stylish, decadent pool parties on a daily basis ever since. As a result, it has become a "must-visit" for anyone wanting to pop open the champagne, down premium vodka from magnum bottles and recline on a VIP bed or simply splash around dancing in the pool - all the while soaking up the mid-afternoon Balearic sun.

With an eclectic mix of daytime parties, the music ranges from uplifting House beats to dance classics, but some parties have deeper rhythms and live performers. This resort-style venue also boasts some of the most exciting sky shows out there, with acrobatic performances at various times throughout the afternoon.

This is the place to enjoy daytime pool fiestas, fine dining, fashion shows, acrobatics, live performances, massages and private events while overlooking the bay of San Antonio.

Famous for: Astonishing aerial shows, VIP beds, gorgeous bronzed bodies, fashion-statement swimwear.

#ibiza #ibiza2022 #clubs #partyisland #eivissa #poolparty

Google Maps:

#ibiza #ibiza2022 #clubs #partyisland #eivissa #poolparty


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