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German Classical is one of the most performed in the world; German composers include some of the most accomplished and popular in history, among them Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Händel, Ludwig van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn, Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann and Richard Wagner. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (also recognized as Austrian) was among the composers who created the field of German opera. One of the most famous film score composers is Hans Zimmer.
Germans have played a leading role in the development of classical music. Many of the best classical musicians such as Bach, Händel, Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Wagner, Mahler, or Schoenberg (a lineage labeled the "German Stem" by Igor Stravinsky) were German. At the beginning of the 15th century, German classical music was revolutionized by Oswald von Wolkenstein, who travelled across Europe learning about classical traditions, spending time in countries like France and Italy. He brought back some techniques and styles to his homeland, and within a hundred years, Germany had begun producing composers renowned across the continent. Among the first of these composers was the organist Conrad Paumann. The largest summer festival for classical music in Germany is the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival.

German Classical Music - Great German Composers

1 - Beethoven - Symphony No. 3 in E Flat Major
2 - Clara Schumann - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Op . 7
3 - Brahms - Concerto in A Minor, Op. 102
4 - Bach - Concerto No. 2 in C for 2 Cembalos
5 - Felix Mendelssohn - Symphon No. 4 in A Major, Op. 90
6 - Handel - Concerto Grosso A minor No. 4 Op. 6
7 - Richard Strauss - Violin Sonata in Eb

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10 Hours of Classical Music

0:00:00 Brahms' Lullaby
0:02:07 Schubert - Ave Maria
0:07:07 Bach - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
0:11:24 Saint-Saens - The Swan
0:14:39 Bach - Air on the G String
0:20:29 Massenet - Méditation
Litvinovsky - Le Grand Cahier:
0:26:30 I. La Forêt et la Rivière
0:29:18 IV. Nos Etudes
0:32:03 VI. Le Bain
Metamorphose String Orchestra

0:34:16 Schumann - Langsam
Ignacy Gaydamovich, Janusz Grzelązka

0:38:47 Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2
0:43:25 Chopin - Nocturnes Op. 9 No. 1
0:49:13 Chopin - Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor
0:53:09 Tchaikovsky (arr. Pietnev) - The Nutcracker: Pas de deux
Luke Faulkner

Litvinovsky - Tales of the Magic Tree:
0:58:41 II. Wheels of the Old Watermill
1:01:12 III. Steps Upward
1:04:12 VI. Bronze Statue
1:07:38 VIII, Time to Go Boating
Metamorphose String Orchestra

1:12:20 Einaudi - Tu Sei
1:18:33 Einaudi - Passaggio
1:23:00 Flies - Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf ein
1:24:43 Bach - Cantata, BWV 156: Arioso
Mr & Mrs Cello

1:30:45 Bach- Gounod - Ave Maria, CG 89a
Metamorphose String Orchestra

1:35:29 Mascagni - Cavalleria Rusticana: Intermezzo
Mr & Mrs Cello

1:38:45 Morricone - Gabriel's Oboe
1:41:15 Morricone - The Falls
1:44:37 Rachmaninoff - Vocalise
1:49:40 Rota - A Time for Us
Metamorphose String Orchestra

1:52:39 Puccini - Tosca: "Vissi d’arte"
Ukrainian Philharmonic Orchestra

Tchaikovsky - Serenade for Strings;
1:55:16 I. Pezzo in forma di sonatina
2:05:06 II. Valse
2:08:54 III. Elegia
2:18:09 Tchaikovsky - String Quartet No. 1: II. Andante Cantabile
Dvorak - Serenade for Strings:
2:24:44 I. Moderato
2:30:02 II. Minuet. Allegro con moto - Trio
2:37:14 III. Scherzo. Vivace
2:43:22 IV. Larghetto
2:49:55 Hoffstetter - Andante cantabile (Serenade)
2:53:00 Boccherini - Minuetto
Metamorphose String Orchestra

2:57:00 Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker: Waltz of the Flowers
2:59:27 Offenbach - Duo for Two Cellos Op. 51 No. 1: I. Allegro
Mr & Mrs Cello

3:06:11 Mendelssohn - Songs without Words, Op. 109, MWV Q34
Cihan Yücel, Ignacy Gaydamovich

3:09:48 Mozart - Rondò in D Major, K. 485
Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 13:
3:16:04 I. Allegro
3:23:46 II. Andante cantabile
3:32:09 III. Allegretto grazioso
Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 17:
3:38:32 I. Allegro
3:44:18 II. Adagio
3:51:24 III. Allegretto
Vadim Chaimovich

3:54:33 Mozart - Le Nozze di Figaro: "Voi che sapete”
National Moldavian Symphony Orchestra

Mozart - Divertimento in B-Flat Major, K. 254:
3:56:47 II. Adagio
4:02:39 III. Rondò. Tempo di minuetto
Carlo Balzaretti, Carlo Parazzoli, Jakob Alexander Ludwig

Mozart - Divertimento in D major, K. 136:
4:08:57 III. Presto
4:10:52 I. Allegro
Metamorphose String Orchestra

4:13:53 Mozart - Lucio Silla: Overture. I. Molto allegro
Mozart - Divertimento in D Major, K. 251:
4:17:37 III. Andatino - Allegretto
4:21:13 II. Minuetto
4:25:02 IV. Minuetto con variazione
Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina

Haydn - Cello Concerto No. 1:
4:29:10 I. Moderato
4:39:31 II. Adagio
4:47:27 III. Allegro molto
Grieg - Holberg Suite:
4:53:41 I. Praeludium
4:56:25 II. Sarabande
5:00:10 III. Gavotte
5:03:25 IV. Air
Metamorphose String Orchestra

Satie - Trois gymnopédies:
5:08:58 No. 1, Lent et douloureux
5:12:24 No. 2, Lent et triste
5:15:23 No. 3, Lent et grave
Satie - Gnossiennes:
5:18:04 No. 1, Lent
5:21:36 No. 2, Avec etonnement
5:24:01 No. 3, Lent
5:26:56 No. 4, Lent
5:30:13 No. 5, Modéré
5:34:05 No. 6, Avec conviction et avec une tristesse rigoureuse
Luke Faulkner

5:35:50 Scarlatti - Sonata in G Minor
5:40:44 Giazotto - Adagio in G minor "Albinoni's Adagio”
5:48:12 Fauré - Pavane, Op. 50
5:54:50 Handel - Suite No. 1 in B-Flat Major, HWV 434: IV. Menuet
5:59:02 Pachelbel - Aria and 4 Variations in A Minor, P. 26
6:04:09 Bach/Siloti - Prelude in E Minor, BWV 855a
6:08:33 Bach - Chorale Prelude 'Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ', BWV 639
Vadim Chaimovich

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Erik Satie: Gymnopédies
Piano: Carlo Balzaretti

The Gymnopédies or Trois Gymnopédies, published in Paris starting in 1888, are three piano compositions written by French composer and pianist Erik Satie.

Lent et douloureux (D major / D minor)
Lent et triste (C major)
Lent et grave (A minor)

#satie #classicalmusic #relaxingmusic All rights reserved

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00:00:00 Lucio Silla, K. 135: Ouverture. II. Andante
00:02:59 Flute and Harp Concerto in C Major, K. 299: II. Andantino
00:11:54 Flute and Harp Concerto in C Major, K. 299: III. Rondò. Allegro
00:23:23 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik in G Major, K. 525: II. Romanza. Andante
00:30:36 Piano Sonata in B-Flat Major, K. 333: I. Allegro
00:36:31 Piano Sonata in B-Flat Major, K. 333: II. Andante cantabile
00:42:49 Piano Sonata in B-Flat Major, K. 333: III. Allegretto grazioso
00:49:58 Flute Concerto No. 1 in G Major, K. 313: III. Rondò. Minuetto
00:58:19 Andante for Flute and Orchestra in C Major, K. 315
01:06:17 Symphony No. 36 in C Major, K. 425 "Linz": II. Andante con moto
01:08:17 Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K. 622: I. Allegro
01:20:22 Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major, K. 467: II. Andante
01:27:39 Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major, K. 545 "For Beginners": II. Andante
01:31:22 Piano Sonata No. 17 in B-Flat Major, K. 570: II. Adagio
01:38:28 Piano Concerto No. 19 in F Major, K. 459: II. Allegretto
01:45:16 Flute Concerto No. 2 in D Major, K. 314: II. Adagio non troppo
01:52:58 Sonata No. 1 for Harpsichord, Flute and Cello in B-Flat Major, K. 10: II. Andante
01:56:43 Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major, K. 219: II. Adagio
02:08:36 Symphony No. 41 in C Major, K. 551 "Jupiter": II. Andante cantabile
02:16:54 Bassoon Concerto in B-Flat Major, K. 191: II. Andante ma adagio
02:23:09 Symphony No. 1 in E-Flat Major, K. 16: II. Andante
02:26:04 Divertimento No. 1 in E-Flat Major, K. 113: II. Andante

1987 / 1991 Moldavia Philharmonic Orchestra / All Rights Reserved
1985 / 1998 ITC Philharmonic Orchestra / All Rights Reserved
1991 Giuseppe Verdi Orchestra / All Rights Reserved
1988 Lucia Marina Dell'Orso / All Rights Reserved
1984 / 1994 EKlectic Music / All Rights Reserved
2001 Pitagora Music / All Rights Reserved
2012 3ut3rp3 Music Ltd / All Rights Reserved
2001 The Mozart Symphony Orchestra / All Rights Reserved

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What’s your favorite raag and taal? Have you listened to any Indian Classical before?
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Oldies Greatest Hits Of 1970's - 70s Golden Music Playlist - Best Classic Songs
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[00:00:00] - 01. S̲a̲̲y S̲a̲̲y S̲a̲̲y
[00:03:55] - 02. I̲̲̲ W̲i̲̲ll S̲u̲̲rvi̲̲ve̲̲
[00:08:40] - 03. Y̲o̲̲u̲̲r S̲o̲̲ng
[00:12:29] - 04. G̲o̲̲o̲̲dbye̲̲ Y̲e̲̲llo̲̲w B̲ri̲̲ck R̲o̲̲a̲̲d
[00:15:42] - 05. M̲o̲̲re̲̲ T̲ha̲̲n A̲̲̲ F̲e̲̲e̲̲li̲̲ng
[00:20:21] - 06. M̲a̲̲ybe̲̲ I̲̲̲’m A̲̲̲ma̲̲ze̲̲d
[00:24:14] - 07. P̲a̲̲pa̲̲ W̲a̲̲s A̲̲̲ R̲o̲̲lli̲̲n' S̲to̲̲ne̲̲
[00:35:59] - 08. G̲i̲̲ve̲̲ A̲̲̲ L̲i̲̲ttle̲̲ B̲i̲̲t
[00:40:08] - 09. D̲u̲̲st i̲̲̲n t̲he̲̲ W̲i̲̲nd
[00:43:37] - 10. I̲̲̲ma̲̲gi̲̲ne̲̲
[00:46:41] - 11. D̲a̲̲ni̲̲e̲̲l
[00:50:36] - 12. J̲u̲̲st T̲he̲̲ W̲a̲̲y Y̲o̲̲u̲̲ A̲̲̲re̲̲
[00:55:20] - 13. Y̲o̲̲u̲̲'ve̲̲ G̲o̲̲t a̲̲̲ F̲ri̲̲e̲̲nd
[00:59:53] - 14. S̲i̲̲mple̲̲ M̲a̲̲n
[01:05:43] - 15. B̲ri̲̲ck H̲o̲̲u̲̲se̲̲
[01:08:55] - 16. L̲o̲̲ng A̲̲̲s I̲̲̲ C̲a̲̲n S̲e̲̲e̲̲ T̲he̲̲ L̲i̲̲ght
[01:12:29] - 17. H̲o̲̲w D̲e̲̲e̲̲p I̲̲̲s Y̲o̲̲u̲̲r L̲o̲̲ve̲̲
[01:15:52] - 18. E̲̲̲ve̲̲rythi̲̲ng I̲̲̲ O̲̲̲wn
[01:19:01] - 19. S̲ta̲̲i̲̲rwa̲̲y t̲o̲̲ H̲e̲̲a̲̲ve̲̲n
[01:26:58] - 20. T̲i̲̲e̲̲ a̲̲̲ Y̲e̲̲llo̲̲w R̲i̲̲bbo̲̲n R̲o̲̲u̲̲nd...
[01:30:18] - 21. D̲u̲̲st i̲̲̲n t̲he̲̲ W̲i̲̲nd
#musichits #70shits #musichits70s
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#Sum41 watch their classic music videos for #InTooDeep, #FatLip, #StillWaiting and more. Grab Sum 41's new album 'Order in Decline' here:

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80s Greatest Hits - Best Oldies Songs Of 1980s - Oldies But Goodies
80s Greatest Hits - Best Oldies Songs Of 1980s - Oldies But Goodies
------------ ★ ★ ★ ★ -------------
Oldies Classic is a genre of music that refers to songs that were popular in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. It is characterized by its simple melodies, catchy lyrics, and nostalgic themes. The genre comprises different styles, including rock and roll, soul, doo-wop, and R&B. Oldies Classic music is often associated with a sense of nostalgia and is widely appreciated by older generations. It is a genre that has stood the test of time and has continued to evoke feelings of joy, love, and yearning for a bygone era.

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Cool Classical Music
Cool Tizita Music. መንፈስን አዳሽ የትዝታ ክላሲካል ሙዚቃ ። we will be thankful and happy if you join our channel.
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Other Videos:
🚩Ethiopian Instrument- የትዝታ ክላሲካል
🚩Best Ethiopian Instrumental Music
🚩Ethiopian classical music 2021

🚩Peaceful Music | Relaxing Music | Calming music


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#Oldies #OldSongs #RomanticSongs

Watch my latest Bollywood Mashup :

Presenting a peaceful mashup of the most evergreen songs! Right from Kishore Kumar to RD Burman to Mukesh, this mashup has it all! With soothing piano in the background, feel free to play it on loop.


Download the MP3 on this Mashup :

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Songs :

- Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se
- Raat Kali Ik Khwaab Mein Aayi
- Ik Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai
- Pyaar Deewana Hota Hai
- Tum Ko Dekha Toh
- Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein
- Hothon Se Chhu Lo Tum
- Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi
- Tum Itna Jo Muskuraa Rahe Ho
- Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shaayar
- Yeh Kahaan Aa Gaye Hum
- Yeh Shaam Mastaani


- Cover Credits -

Vocals & Piano : Reeshabh Purohit
Cinematography : Aman Nirmal
Stylist : Hiya Gore
Location : Belwalkar Housing


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Tracklist :
► Support Artists :
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© For all copyright information or complaints contact:, thank you!!
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here is swan lake music by tchaikovsky. this is HD and extended version of swan lake.
Swan Lake, Op. 20, is a ballet music composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875–76. Swan lake is now one of the most popular ballet songs of all time
Art Work : Alisa Gibet
Song : London Symphony Orchestra
Video : Me
if you want more best classical music's you can check my channel.
موسیقی دریاچه قو اثری از چایکوفسکی است که من در این ویدیو نسخه طولانی و با کیفیت انرا برای شما عزیزان علاقه مند به موسیقی کلاسیک و بی کلام اماده کرده ام

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Some of the most popular classical-genre (not only classical period) music pieces.
Sorry for the lack of Chopin (only one piece composed by him), there will be more Chopin in the next list.

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My heart pounds as I realize my secret messages have been deciphered - exposure is imminent. Hiding in the labyrinth of the bustling city, I prepare to vanish into a new identity. As a spy about to be unmasked, my life becomes a high-stakes chess match, one wrong move could mean the end.

0:00 - Precious Gems by Salon Dijon
1:44 - Runaway Quartet by Moments
4:30 - Game of Chess by Wicked Cinema
6:44 - Drunken Thrush by Cody Martin
8:57 - Our Web Of Lies by Moments
11:28 - Suite Du Matin by Moments
13:50 - The Life We Had by Moments
17:23 - Bell Tower by Wicked Cinema
20:32 - Good Grace by Salon Dijon
22:07 - A Black Tie Affair by Wicked Cinema
26:19 - The Throne by Wicked Cinema
30:28 - Waltz Of The Damned by JCar
35:20 - Dorset Summer by Moments
39:00 - Precious Gems by Salon Dijon

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The most iconic pieces of classical music you definitely have to know. The greatest instrumental songs that everyone knows, but no one knows the name of, even though almost everyday we hear them on TV shows or in commercials. Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and much more. This is real classic!

Almost all of these classical music masterpieces (and some extra ones) you can find in full length in my new video, which gives you over 3,5 hours of wonderful music:

I hope you'll enjoy it. Rate, comment and subscribe for more music compilations.

Every composition from this video exists as a public domain or creative common content.

The fragment of Debussy's "Suite bergamasque" performed by Laurens Goedhart.
Dvorak's "Serenade for Strings" performed by the Virtual Philharmonic Orchestra (Reinhold Behringer) with digital samples.
Liszt's "Liebesträume" performed by Martha Goldstein.
Piano version of Mozart's "Requiem in D minor" performed by Markus Staab.
Satie's "Gnossiennes" performed by La Pianista.
Richard Wagner's "Also Sprach Zarathustra" performed by Kevin MacLeod.
The fragments of Vivaldi's "Spring", "Summer" and "Autumn" performed by John Harrison.

More public domain or creative commons content you can find at

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Hi, here there is the very best of classical music era in a playlist with the greatest composers of all time such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi, Wagner, Grieg and many more. Top beautiful piano, violin, orchestral, symphonic and choral masterpieces all in one mix. Enjoy it!!!


Welcome to The Classical Music

We love classical music as well as relaxing instrumental music so some years ago we decided to create this channel where you can find the best videos of well-known pieces of classical piano, violin and orchestral music combined with nature sounds and visuals in a unique way. We made original and educative videos from musical compositions performed by our musician partners which we transform to make them more suitable and attractive to the average viewer. This results in videos that are perfectly suitable to focus on studying, reading, working and improving your concentration and memorization while listening to the greatest composers of all times such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin and many more.

We hope you enjoy them!

Vivaldi: Winter (1 hour NO ADS) - The Four Seasons| Most Famous Classical Pieces & AI Art | 432hz


►All rights belong to their respective owners.
✔ This video was given a special license directly from the artists and the right holders."

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🎼 Learn Sheet Music with Jacob ▶
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► MIDI Files:

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00:00 ; Experience
06:17 ; Giorni Dispari
11:55 ; Una Mattina
15:21 ; Nuvole Bianche
21:24 ; Fly
25:48 ; Oltremare
37:18 ; Divenire
43:57 ; I Giorni
50:51 ; Le Onde
56:04 ; Night

Questions or suggestions? - Find me on Instagram or Facebook.


Musical compositions: Ludovico Einaudi
Performance: Jacob Ladegaard (Jacob's Piano)

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Ave Verum Corpus in B-Sharp Major, S. 44: Andante Con Pietà, Piuttosto Lento
Edoardo Brugnoli
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
Transcr. Liszt for Solo Piano
(P)(C) Classical Tunes

Check our Fantastic Selection with the best Classical Music for Relaxation, Meditation, Focus, Reading, Studying and Stress Relief:

Check our channel including the best music from Grieg, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Debussy, Brahms, Handel, Chopin, Schubert, Haydn, Dvorak, Schumann, Tchaikovsky and many more:

We also have a fine selection with the best Baroque Music:

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