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Pots n' Pans Band 🥁 | NEW 🎵 Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes | Fun Cartoons For Kids

1 Views· 07/02/24

After a holiday meal, Emmy is motivated to clean up, but when JJ and Boba make music with pots and pans, she discovers cleaning can be fun with a little dancing and music making too.

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JJ’s best animal pals are back and sillier than ever! Sing along with JJ and his friends on their wild and hilarious adventures featuring fairy tales, fables, nursery rhymes, and so much more.

At CoComelon, our primary goal has always been to engage families with entertaining and educational content that makes universally-relatable preschool moments fun.

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Chorus 1
Pots ‘n’ pans, crash crash,
Pots ‘n’ pans, bash bash!
Clatter, clatter, clang, clang,
Pots ‘n’ pans, bang bang!

Verse 1
Tap, tap, clean the room,
Tap, tap, bang boom!
Mochi & Mimi: “Hey, we found a new sound!”

Chorus 2
Pots ‘n’ pans, crash crash,
Pots ‘n’ pans, bash bash!
Clatter, clatter, clang, clang,
Pots ‘n’ pans, bang bang!

Verse 2
Scrape, scrape, clean the room,
Scrape, scrape, bang boom!

Verse 3
Splash, splash, clean the room,
Splash, splash, bang boom!

Chorus 3
Pots ‘n’ pans, crash crash,
Pots ‘n’ pans, bash bash!
Clatter, clatter, clang, clang,
Pots ‘n’ pans, bang bang!

Verse 4
Swish, swish, clean the room,
Swish, swish, bang boom!
Emmy: “What’s this new sound I found?”

Chorus 4
Pots ‘n’ pans, crash crash,
Pots ‘n’ pans, bash bash!
Clatter, clatter, clang, clang,
Pots ‘n’ pans, bang bang!

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00:00 Pots n' Pans Band
03:08 Treasure Hunt Song
05:55 Hey Diddle Diddle
08:41 Emmy's Sick Song
11:08 Down by the Bay (Submarine)
13:49 Old MacDonald - Fantasy Animals
16:26 Animal Time Wheels on the Bus (Pirate Version) Song
19:24 This is the Way - Pirate
21:58 Emmy's Birthday
24:31 The 3 Little Friends
27:13 Mimi's Rocket to the Moon
29:53 Hickory Dickory Dock (Animal Time)
32:36 Animal Dance
35:31 Butterfly Song
38:28 Happy & You Know It
41:08 Lunch Song
44:00 Little Red Riding JJ
46:43 Yes Yes Vegetables
49:45 Animal Time Take Me Out to the Ball Game Song
52:29 Bus Wash Song
55:09 Duck Duck Goose
57:56 Itsy Bitsy Spider
1:00:53 Baa Baa Black Sheep - Fantasy Animals
1:03:32 Humpty Dumpty (Animal Time)
1:06:09 This is the way Clean Up
1:08:43 Apples and Bananas
1:11:24 Hide & Seek (Animal Time)
1:14:14 Sharing song
1:17:06 Grow Grow Grow Your Fruit
1:19:48 John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
1:22:33 High Five Song
1:25:17 Peekaboo
1:27:58 Animal Time Balloon Song
1:31:00 Wheels on the Bus - Fantasy Animals
1:33:39 This is the Way Doggie Care
1:36:21 Ba Ba Black Sheep (Play Pretend)
1:38:58 Ol' MacDonald (Baby Animal Version)
1:41:44 Puppy Play Date
1:44:27 Balloon Boat Race
1:47:40 Runaway Stroller
1:50:16 Home Sweet Home (Nursery)
1:52:50 Camping Song
1:55:25 Cece's Mermaid Playdate
1:58:08 Cody Song
2:00:45 Breakfast Song
2:03:34 Clean Up Song
2:06:15 Ms. Polly Had a Dolly
2:08:59 Pet Store Woof
2:11:28 Recycling Truck Song
2:14:07 Grocery Store Song
2:16:59 Opposite Song
2:19:43 Playdate with Nina
2:22:18 This is the Way Tea Party
2:24:55 Airplane Song
2:27:38 Train Song (Train Park)
2:30:10 Itsy Bitsy Baby
2:32:52 Abuela Song / I Love My Grandma
2:35:30 Cody's Dino Day Comes True
2:38:18 Moving Day Song
2:40:59 Bubble Song
2:43:43 JJ Wheels on the Bus Song
2:46:28 Days of the Week
2:49:30 Row Row Stream Song
2:52:26 Dinoland Birthday
2:55:15 Freres Jacques [EMEA]
2:57:43 JJ Play Outside Song
3:00:20 Yes Yes Vegetables (Cody)
3:03:23 Cody and Cece Nature Walk Song
3:06:04 Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
3:08:50 Flying Song
3:11:24 Goodbye Song
3:14:12 Nina's Doctor Check Up Song
3:16:58 Cody Doctor Check-Up Song
3:19:37 Baby in the Mirror
3:22:22 Hand Washing Song
3:25:03 Cody's Bath Song
3:27:37 Treehouse Picnic
3:30:34 Peekaboo (Cody)
3:33:13 I Love My Bunny
3:36:05 Wheels On The Bus
3:39:02 Bath Song
3:41:45 Excavator Song
3:44:16 Twinkle Twinkle
3:47:17 Yes Yes Bedtime (Cody)
3:50:25 10 Little Dinos
3:53:07 I Spy (Painting)
3:55:47 The Sailor Went to Sea
3:58:24 Finger Family
4:01:07 Rockabye Baby

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