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I No Longer Use ChatGPT, I Use Google Bard AI instead

0 Views· 05/24/23

Bard AI Google is the hottest AI tool from the moment. ChatGPT is the most known chatbot. But Google wants to come for the number one spot with Bard AI. Bard AI got a lot of upgrades and is fully free. Is GPT-4 in trouble and will Google become the biggest ai chatbot with Bard AI?

All Googles AI Updates: https://youtu.be/DwdLu_GX8CA

Intro 0:00
Bard AI 0:20
How to Use 0:40
Bard AI Unique Function 1 1:01
Bard AI Unique Function 2 1:37
Bard AI Unique Function 3 2:00
Bard AI Unique Function 4 2:30
More Talking Prompts 3:11
Bard interacting with Websites 3:40
Bard AI Unique Function 5 4:35
Future of Bard AI 5:02
ChatGPT vs Bard vs Perplexity 1 5:40
ChatGPT vs Bard vs Perplexity 2 7:00
Is Bard Better than ChatGPT 8:18

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