Elon's AI Created An AI (Which Created Another AI)

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Elon's AI Created More AIs.

In 2021, the AI lab founded by Elon, OpenAI, released an AI that changed everything. It wasn't their text-to-image software, their AI musician, or their AI writer. That year, OpenAI released AI that almost everyone thought was impossible.

They released an AI that could write code.

OpenAI's Codex takes normal English and turn it into lines of code. So if you wanted to make a game, you could describe it and the Codex would program it! But then people started testing its limits. They wondered,

Could this AI, create another AI?

Software engineer, Edan Meyers gave it a try. He wrote 4 lines of English.

Download a public dataset
Create a neural network
Train the neural network on the data
Test the accuracy of the data

And in a few seconds, he had an AI that could read handwriting, but that wasn't enough. He wanted to know, could the AI, create AI, that could create other AIs?

So he gave the AI 2 more commands, and it worked,

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